Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beading Project - November

Finally I am back to beading, the eye is doing fine and hopefully tomorrow is my last doctor's visit.
This picture to the left is my inspiration for the November beaded project above. In November 2008 my granddaughter, Gianni was in a parade in Benton with her ball team. It was dark and the lighting was not good where we were standing. The picture is how the camera caught whatever float went by. I liked it, I liked the colors and it gave me an inspiration for my November project. Hence a beaded, blurred parade picture for November.
My drawing talent is not good so I use these photos are my inspiration. I am now working on my January project and hope to have it done soon so I won't be so far behind.
The retina detachment has been a nightmare, but thanks to a God who heals it is so much better now. Hopefully this won't happen again. Thanks to everyone for your sincere concerns and prayers. Blogging can give you some wonderful friends.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Art Day with Friends

We had another ART day with friends. Pat got the gang together and we played in the Bird's Nest all day Thursday the 5th. The only requirement in our club is that we have to do something of the "artsy" nature. It is not a just sit and visit day - although we do a lot of visiting, laughing and having a lot of fun. Everyone brought materials to share with each other. Don't you think that makes it more interesting and surprising. The page above is an idea for a Journal Page (this Thursday's group was do a journal page- I do as I am instructed) I decided to do a journal on fashion. Now I am NOT a fashion nut. 2 maybe 3 times a year I shop for me. Go get clothes to cover me and pep up my wardrobe a little. I am happy in jeans and a nice shirt, sometimes a skirt for church, and comfy clothes at home. Usually at home I play in my PJs or sweats all day. But fashion over the years interest me. And last year I watched a show on BRAVO (Ithink) called The Fashionistas and have had that word stuck in my head ever since. That will be the name on the cover. I think this will be a fun journal project. Think of all the different styles of clothing. It may go on forever!!!

When I got finished with my main journal page, then it was time to just do a little playing. So I took a piece of watercolor paper and painted it purple (I'm into Mardi Gras colors). The little curves and dots are the pop-out parts from a paper border Sandy had brought. I was going to use the border, but it didn't work and I had saved the pop-outs in a jar. The lines are taking the edge of my brush dipped in gold paint. I won't ever be all that "artsy", but as long as I have fun trying, then that is all that matters.
This would be a good time to give you an update on my eyes and thank all of you for you caring comments. My gas bubble is still floating around protecting my retina. The doc has done 2 more laser procedures because he found a whole cluster of tears below my retina. He also put a bridle on the repair spot. Tomorrow (Monday) he will check the left eye again and he plans on doing an ultrasound on the right eye to check and make sure the freckle he found is not melanoma. Still not able to do close up work, but I can read, write, plan and do cut and paste. I am so anxious to get back to my beading projects and quilting. Especially getting back to my BJP08 projects.
Fun is where you find it!!!