Thursday, October 29, 2009

Houston Trip Part II

Before going to Houston, I had such fun making the first Button Buddy that I had to make another. This one is all done in plastic buttons and although I gave it to Gianni, she has left here for safe keeping.

The other picture is a few things I picked up on the way home from Houston at an antique/junk mall in Nagadoches, Texas. I probably did not spell that right. It was a very good mall and held lots of treasures, but the coffers were low after the IQF show.
I could not leave this young man without any relatives. You know you find lots of sweet little girl pictures in books to use for images, but little boys seem to be rarer unless they look like Lil Lord Fontleroy. The 2 small crochet pieces may work on those candlestick pincushions I hope to make in the near future. They will be put on the top to cover where the seams come together.
The sweetest little vase in green was too cute to resist. Sorry, Pat it is in my kitchen window with my other green objects. Maybe I will show that in a future post.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Houston Trip IQF

At the last minute I decided I could not miss Houston this year after all. On Wednesday the 15th I traveled half-way to my sister's house in Henderson, TX and then drove the rest of the way to the IQF show on Thursday. Lola (my GPS) and I made it fine - she took me straight to the George R. Brown Convention Center and to the valet parking.

The picture above was the entrance I walked into - a Fairyland of quilts. It was one of the most beautiful sights to my eyes!!! The quilts were spectacular, inspiring and no display was any greater than the other. You had to see them all and I did three times while I was there.

One of the great things that has been added to IQF is the Make-It-University (MIU) headed by the Quilting Art's Team. They do a fantastic job of organizing. The Open Studios where you can see the Artist who contribute to QA and see them work their magic with their favorite techniques. MIU also gives 25 lucky people per session the opportunity to work with these artist. You put your name in a fish bowl and be there when Pokey Bolton pulls them out - then when they call your name - your scream and everyone moves out of your way so you can get into your seat. I don't know if they moved because I was screaming or just because I was coming through. (I did remember to say excuse me - mother would have been proud). I only put my name into 2 bowls on Friday - and joy I got both of them. One was the postcard using images, gel stamps, and Misty Fuse on a postcard. The other one was using the wonderful TAP paper images on a journal page. I even came home and immediately stitched it down and put a back on it. Unusual for me to finish things.
Every year when I leave Houston, I say it will be my last year - it is just so tiring. However, this year I decided to drive down again next year, if I am physically able. It is just the most wonderful place to be and to have fun.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Button Buddy

Hello, I know you haven't heard from me in a while, but I have become overwhelmed with life and all that goes with it. Not meaning to be morbid, but I come here every night and can't think of a thing to say.
But see my little "button buddy" he kind of got me going this week and I wanted to show him to you. He is not mine. I did him for a friend who provided her buttons to make him. She had tried and couldn't do it so I tried for her. It surprised me how easy it is to do. There may be one in my future too.