Friday, August 13, 2010

A Day With The Grandkids

Yesterday was a pre-back-to-school day for me and the grandkids, Gianni and Will. We went to Chuck E Cheese!!!! Okay school starts in Arkansas in the hot August day of the 19th. This was a place to play in the cool. I grabbed a table next to the games, sat down with my magazine and let them go. My job was to watch the front door and exits and keep up with the tickets from each child. They had a fun day and I had a relaxing, though noisy time reading. A good day all around. Next week school starts and maybe I can start having fun with adults or kids my own age???

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It has been a really long time since my last post. Not that anything is wrong, it is just that I have been so busy living my life and having fun that I have just not stopped long enough to share with anyone what has been going on. Let me just summarize (because it would take too long to write it all). My life has consisted of Will and Gianni in sports and just hanging out with them. Will and I are doing great on art and Wii. He played baseball at the first of the year. Gianni and I quilt, sew, play games and she is heavy into softball (go Thunder Black). Her softball is pretty much year round. Bill and I don't miss a game.
Traveling is my other favorite thing to do. I went on a 2 week trip by bus to "The Low Country", which was too short of a trip to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. Both places are on my list to visit again and see so much more of while I am there.
Some friends and I spent our week at Cedar Hill, TX again at The 1890's House there.
Another friend and I went to Biloxi, MS to the Antiques Roadshow. No you won't see me on TV, but we had a great time and I got some good news about my great grandmother's quilt and my cameo collection. We went through Vicksburg and that is another place that is on my go back to list. During our trip we didn't miss any antique malls, or flea markets. My friend Brenda is the owner of Blue Suede Shoes where I work a couple of days a month and have booths. She navigated and I drove, so we didnt' miss any of the many malls on the way there and back.
Okay I guess everyone knows I am okay and really just having fun living a full life. I want to thank God for every day that he gives me and the joy that all the people I love brings into my life. I will try to do more blogging. Thanks for reading this short summary.