Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AWOL - Arkansas Women on the Loose

This past weekend was a wonderful short retreat - a good get-away for the ladies and one male quilter - Jim. The first picture is our quilter from Hawaii- now I never fully understood why she was there other than she was a friend of one of our Arkansas quilters. She was fun (won the sock contest) and does some awesome work. What Donna is holding is a quilt she made in the shape of a tent to commenerate her camping experience.
Now this is my good friend Kelley and one of my two wonderful roommates. Kelley is standing in front of the baby quilt she is doing for her first great grandchild to be born in June. Kelley is not one of those who stays up all night or even tries. I have been with her on many trips and bedtime is sacred. She also never sleeps past about 5:30, but will nap when necessary. We have wonderful times on trips and take care of each other. She likes it when I drive (especially through fog, rain, storms, snow, etc.)

This is dear sweet Pat (birdnestontheground.blogspot.com) and she has written about AWOL far better than I can. Pat and I sat next to each other through the weekend. It is our first experience at being roommates and she is delightful. I hope to be her roommate many more times. However, she is one of those who tries for an all nighter and friend that I am I try - I say try - to keep up. We made it until 2 a.m. , which was great for me. Pat is not a big sleeper, but after 2 a.m. it doesn't matter!!! Yes, I can answer and respond in my sleep. She never knew.

Not only did we have a quilter from Hawaii, but we had an old friend and a new friend come all the way from Texas to join us Arkansas women. (We may have to rename this retreat - it is not all Arkansas). This is Debbie and Marilyn. Debbie used to live here in Little Rock and left many friends when she moved to Texas, but as you can see she has made many more in Texas. We are not surprised. Fun, cheerful and very creative. We love Debbie and you can tempt her with purple fabric - in fact anything purple. She is known as "Purple Princess".
Well this is a few of those who attended this weekend. You can see the state of the room. Retreats are so much fun. I finished my BJP08 for February, but until I get it beaded around the edges and the back on it, I won't be showing it on my blog just yet. It was well received my those who were there.
Ya'll have fun!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

AWOL Update - Monday

This weekend I went outside of Little Rock, AR to a retreat for members of Arkansas Quilt Guild. It was held at this beautiful location at a place called Ferndale.
The first picture is a building called Cabe Hall, which is where Iwill be next week for a 4day retreat with the Saline County Guild "Quiltmania" retreat. That will be a story for another day.

This picture is looking from the meeting building over the little lake there, looking at the hill behind. Next week I want to take these pictures again to see how much has brightened in a few days.

This retreat is actually a 4-H retreat, designed for kids and adults to come for a weekend, a week, or a few days of learning, friendship and having fun (which you know that is the key word to my life). These statues of children represent the 4-H motto of "Head, Heart, Hands and Health. This is the newest education wing added to the original building. On the other side of the main building is the rooms for participants to stay in - usually 3 to a room. All of our meals are provided. I love the idea of 4 days without cooking or wondering what to eat. It gives you more time to get involved in your projects.

This is just a full view of the meeting room wing.
Today I wanted you to see the setting we were in for the weekend. Next I will give you some inside views of the women and Jim who were on this retreat. Needless to say there was little sleep, LOTS of laughter and some beautiful work done. Later.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Quick Post of Fun

This will be a fast post, if I don't get too wordy. Yesterday was our Thursday meeting of the Beaders group. For you that don't know we have been meeting one time a month since 9/11. The picture on the right is of Pat Eaton (www.birdnestontheground.blogspot.com) who is a very dear friend and one of the nicest ladies you could ever know. Our friend Jim Gatling (unbeknownst to Pat) sent us a paper doll that he had photo shopped her head onto. He wanted us to surprise her with a paperdoll since that is what our next Art Day is about. The doll on the left is the one I did and the one on the right is the one that Jean did. Pat thought they were hilarious.

Now the other picture is the print and the items that were sent by another very nice lady Sharon K. Tomlinson (www.allnorahsart.blogspot.com) . Pat got me hooked on Sharon's art, which was not hard once I saw it. Sharon made an offer to the 1st six who ordered a print from her the other day, that she would send a few extra treasures. Boy did she deliver!!! I received this awesome package yesterday. Thank you Sharon. My print is "Sometimes Creative", which is so appropriate for me. My creativity comes in spurts and sometimes sputters, but it does try to keep going. I let life come first and creativity second - need to work on that one.

Well I am off (yes mentally too) for a weekend retreat called "AWOL - Arkansas Women on the Loose" = Jim. Jim is our resident male quilter and we so enjoy having him - he is also a dear friend. We go to a place called Ferndale, outside of Little Rock. It is a beautiful retreat site and I will try to take some pictures to show when I come back.

Okay so much for the quick, but it is all fun. Next time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our March Art Day

The first Thursday of every month a group of us get together for an ART Day. We get together to have fun and to learn something new in the art media.
In March we decided to work on inchies. Everyone chose how they wanted to make inchies. Paper, fabric, painting, etc.
Above from left to right are Sandy's finished inchies from paper, paint and collage pictures. Next are the pink ones that Bibi did from cloth. MaryLou did the last set. She was practicing her embroidery skills on her sewing machine and cut the piece into inchies. A very dramatic effect, and I believe she has skills. Everyone's turned out different and reflected the various
taste of the group.

Above and from left to right is Sandy, Kelley(in green shirt), group picture of Bibi standing and talking to Pat. MaryLou is sitting in front and Sherry is behind her. Now the other picture is my inchies before decoration. Guess Ihave a little more work to do to get all these inchies decorated. The day before I got enthused about free motion quilting on fabric pieces I had sewn together. The Art Day I got the idea to cut it all up - in fact I volunteered to cut some of the others inchies. These will be decorated with beads, buttons, rick-rack and anything else I can find that is small and can be attached for decoration. Actually I did get 3 decorated, but didn't take a picture.
Another Art Day will be the lst Thursday in April and we are doing Paper Dolls!!! Can't wait to see how that one turns out. But we will be having fun and enjoying everyones time together. Fun is where you find it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flea Market Business

These pictures are an explanation of why I have not been blogging lately. This is my flea market booth at a place called Blue Suede Shoes in Bryant, AR. Several
years ago my friend Renee andI had a booth and it was a lot of fun - until------eBay took over and some construction on the freeway made it hard for people to find the mall we were in at the time. This one is mine only and in a different location. I had forgotten how much work is involved, especially in the initial set-up. My taste are ecletic so there is no telling what you will find in my little shop at any one time. It has done well this first month, so we will see. My friend Keri is going to set up a booth in the same mall and I know she will have lots of things I like so my profit margin may hit bottom!!!!!
Since I wrote last I have been busy with friends and our "Art Thursday" day that I will try to post about later. We had a lot of fun doing "inchies". Also I have taken a quilt class from Flavin Glover - nothing to show for that day. It was a great class, but I was not a great student. She did show the class my block and remarked it was one of the most "unusual" she had ever seen??? Is that good? Oh well- maybe I can do better at home.
To my beading friends I am really trying to get January done and get to work on February. It is coming along, but slowly. Having the eye problem for 4weeks really took its toil on my working time. I am just thankful that the retina has healed and I can see. The beading is so soothing to do and so satisfying.
Today is a special day. I am meeting some old friends (Vona and T.E.) for lunch. We have not seen each other very often in the 23 years, since Bill and I got married. Vona and I did so many crafts together, we had so many cups of coffee together and spent a LOT of time together. We both moved a way from our old neighborhood and lost touch. She has retired from her job now so I hope we can renew an old acquaintance. She is into quilting now so I am taking her to Pinwheel Fabrics after lunch. I think T.E. is going too. He was always interested in what we did together. He used to joke that he had 2wives after my ex left me with 2 children. Anytime I needed something fixed around the house he was always willing to help. The 3 of us went on a couple of trips to Dallas together that are a story unto theirselves. They are a wonderful couple and I am so proud to call them friends.
Well everyone have "fun" today and I hope to write again sooner more than later.