Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our March Art Day

The first Thursday of every month a group of us get together for an ART Day. We get together to have fun and to learn something new in the art media.
In March we decided to work on inchies. Everyone chose how they wanted to make inchies. Paper, fabric, painting, etc.
Above from left to right are Sandy's finished inchies from paper, paint and collage pictures. Next are the pink ones that Bibi did from cloth. MaryLou did the last set. She was practicing her embroidery skills on her sewing machine and cut the piece into inchies. A very dramatic effect, and I believe she has skills. Everyone's turned out different and reflected the various
taste of the group.

Above and from left to right is Sandy, Kelley(in green shirt), group picture of Bibi standing and talking to Pat. MaryLou is sitting in front and Sherry is behind her. Now the other picture is my inchies before decoration. Guess Ihave a little more work to do to get all these inchies decorated. The day before I got enthused about free motion quilting on fabric pieces I had sewn together. The Art Day I got the idea to cut it all up - in fact I volunteered to cut some of the others inchies. These will be decorated with beads, buttons, rick-rack and anything else I can find that is small and can be attached for decoration. Actually I did get 3 decorated, but didn't take a picture.
Another Art Day will be the lst Thursday in April and we are doing Paper Dolls!!! Can't wait to see how that one turns out. But we will be having fun and enjoying everyones time together. Fun is where you find it!

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Carol said...

You are right. Fun is where you find it. But on the first Thursday of every month you are sure to have lots of it. A great group of friends always brings a good time. And guess what? I just read an article that a test was done proving that people with a good friend network live at least 10 years longer than they would have if they didn't have them! The power of friendships!