Friday, March 20, 2009

Quick Post of Fun

This will be a fast post, if I don't get too wordy. Yesterday was our Thursday meeting of the Beaders group. For you that don't know we have been meeting one time a month since 9/11. The picture on the right is of Pat Eaton ( who is a very dear friend and one of the nicest ladies you could ever know. Our friend Jim Gatling (unbeknownst to Pat) sent us a paper doll that he had photo shopped her head onto. He wanted us to surprise her with a paperdoll since that is what our next Art Day is about. The doll on the left is the one I did and the one on the right is the one that Jean did. Pat thought they were hilarious.

Now the other picture is the print and the items that were sent by another very nice lady Sharon K. Tomlinson ( . Pat got me hooked on Sharon's art, which was not hard once I saw it. Sharon made an offer to the 1st six who ordered a print from her the other day, that she would send a few extra treasures. Boy did she deliver!!! I received this awesome package yesterday. Thank you Sharon. My print is "Sometimes Creative", which is so appropriate for me. My creativity comes in spurts and sometimes sputters, but it does try to keep going. I let life come first and creativity second - need to work on that one.

Well I am off (yes mentally too) for a weekend retreat called "AWOL - Arkansas Women on the Loose" = Jim. Jim is our resident male quilter and we so enjoy having him - he is also a dear friend. We go to a place called Ferndale, outside of Little Rock. It is a beautiful retreat site and I will try to take some pictures to show when I come back.

Okay so much for the quick, but it is all fun. Next time.

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Carol said...

What a wonderful surprise for Pat to have her head on a doll! and how she felt special that Jim thought to do it!! Such a small thing to make someone feel so good.

Love the post.