Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AWOL - Arkansas Women on the Loose

This past weekend was a wonderful short retreat - a good get-away for the ladies and one male quilter - Jim. The first picture is our quilter from Hawaii- now I never fully understood why she was there other than she was a friend of one of our Arkansas quilters. She was fun (won the sock contest) and does some awesome work. What Donna is holding is a quilt she made in the shape of a tent to commenerate her camping experience.
Now this is my good friend Kelley and one of my two wonderful roommates. Kelley is standing in front of the baby quilt she is doing for her first great grandchild to be born in June. Kelley is not one of those who stays up all night or even tries. I have been with her on many trips and bedtime is sacred. She also never sleeps past about 5:30, but will nap when necessary. We have wonderful times on trips and take care of each other. She likes it when I drive (especially through fog, rain, storms, snow, etc.)

This is dear sweet Pat (birdnestontheground.blogspot.com) and she has written about AWOL far better than I can. Pat and I sat next to each other through the weekend. It is our first experience at being roommates and she is delightful. I hope to be her roommate many more times. However, she is one of those who tries for an all nighter and friend that I am I try - I say try - to keep up. We made it until 2 a.m. , which was great for me. Pat is not a big sleeper, but after 2 a.m. it doesn't matter!!! Yes, I can answer and respond in my sleep. She never knew.

Not only did we have a quilter from Hawaii, but we had an old friend and a new friend come all the way from Texas to join us Arkansas women. (We may have to rename this retreat - it is not all Arkansas). This is Debbie and Marilyn. Debbie used to live here in Little Rock and left many friends when she moved to Texas, but as you can see she has made many more in Texas. We are not surprised. Fun, cheerful and very creative. We love Debbie and you can tempt her with purple fabric - in fact anything purple. She is known as "Purple Princess".
Well this is a few of those who attended this weekend. You can see the state of the room. Retreats are so much fun. I finished my BJP08 for February, but until I get it beaded around the edges and the back on it, I won't be showing it on my blog just yet. It was well received my those who were there.
Ya'll have fun!!!


Carol said...

Thanks for sharing.

I love it that you feel the freedom to go. I am such a homebody. It seems that my husband and I are inseparable. He would totally be supportive on my attending such a function, but why would I feel guilty to go?

Pat said...

Brenda, I feel like I could go spend another weekend immediately....what fun we had. There is nothing like AWOL...I'm so lucky to have such neat friends...and good roommates. Yes, we will room together again...how 'bout this weekend? Haha.
Loveya, Pat

Debbie said...

Isn't it nice to have such good friends to share a weekend with? I'm glad you found each other!