Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flea Market Business

These pictures are an explanation of why I have not been blogging lately. This is my flea market booth at a place called Blue Suede Shoes in Bryant, AR. Several
years ago my friend Renee andI had a booth and it was a lot of fun - until------eBay took over and some construction on the freeway made it hard for people to find the mall we were in at the time. This one is mine only and in a different location. I had forgotten how much work is involved, especially in the initial set-up. My taste are ecletic so there is no telling what you will find in my little shop at any one time. It has done well this first month, so we will see. My friend Keri is going to set up a booth in the same mall and I know she will have lots of things I like so my profit margin may hit bottom!!!!!
Since I wrote last I have been busy with friends and our "Art Thursday" day that I will try to post about later. We had a lot of fun doing "inchies". Also I have taken a quilt class from Flavin Glover - nothing to show for that day. It was a great class, but I was not a great student. She did show the class my block and remarked it was one of the most "unusual" she had ever seen??? Is that good? Oh well- maybe I can do better at home.
To my beading friends I am really trying to get January done and get to work on February. It is coming along, but slowly. Having the eye problem for 4weeks really took its toil on my working time. I am just thankful that the retina has healed and I can see. The beading is so soothing to do and so satisfying.
Today is a special day. I am meeting some old friends (Vona and T.E.) for lunch. We have not seen each other very often in the 23 years, since Bill and I got married. Vona and I did so many crafts together, we had so many cups of coffee together and spent a LOT of time together. We both moved a way from our old neighborhood and lost touch. She has retired from her job now so I hope we can renew an old acquaintance. She is into quilting now so I am taking her to Pinwheel Fabrics after lunch. I think T.E. is going too. He was always interested in what we did together. He used to joke that he had 2wives after my ex left me with 2 children. Anytime I needed something fixed around the house he was always willing to help. The 3 of us went on a couple of trips to Dallas together that are a story unto theirselves. They are a wonderful couple and I am so proud to call them friends.
Well everyone have "fun" today and I hope to write again sooner more than later.


Carol said...

Oh, thank you for posting. Funny how you get attached to blog friends and wonder why you haven't heard from them lately. I'm glad our eyes healed well.

What a great task and fun the flea market booth is. Soon, you'll be all set up there and doing handwork while you man it. We have flea markets here, but mostly junk. But the "antique" marts, now there is a lovely day spent!

Good luck with the new business. I'm sure you will do well.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Hi Brenda, I took the Tuesday Flavin Glover class and I haven't worked on it any more since then but I hope to this week. Mine was different from everyone else too since I chose pastels. Everyone else followed directions and did darker colors. I'm so glad that you're eye is better and you can back to what you love to do. blessings, marlene