Monday, May 6, 2013

I am a winner!!!!!!

My intent this morning was to do a post on my recent trip to QuiltWeek in Paducah, but this morning I got an email from that I won the recent copy of Quiltmakers 100 Blocks magazine. Okay it does pay to enter blog hops.  I can't wait til it gets here. It goes on sale May   7th. Check it out.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

QA or Let's Find a Reason to Get Together

The first Monday of every month some
of our members meet at the Benton library.  We call this group Quilters Annonymous.  No it is not
a 12 step program to give up quilting.  It is another excuse to get together.  Do we need an excuse?
Above is Gwen, Jill and Pat working on the pincushions below.  Well actually Jill was just watching.  Gwen taught these at one of our guild's Saturday Workshops.

 Below is Cheri showing her finished teacup pincushion.  They are awesomely cute and Gwen says easy to make.
At our QA it gives us an opportunity to also bring our quilt problems and hopefully someone there can give us answers and/or opinions. 
It is a fun time for all.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Quilt Retreat - Let's Get Back Into Quilting

 See this beautiful house, well it will fool you.  It is a house built just for quilters who want to get away from it all and quilt, rest, visit, eat, etc.  You can see below that there are several very comfortable quilting stations. 
 The wonderful lady (Fay) in blue below is who invited me.  We went in November, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  There were 32 ladies here. It was a perfect time for me to go as my holiday had been soooo stressful.  She ask, I said yes, didn't even ask my dear husband if I could afford to go. 
We got there on Sunday and left on Thursday.  My love of quilting was totally restored and my goal is to keep that up.  I may even show you some finished projects later, yes I have finished a few and working on more.  I am so "happy, happy, happy!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How You Change!

I began this blog at age 60, almost 3 years ago. Well I am  not 60 anymore (which is a good thing) and what my goals were then are not what they are now.
Of course spending time with my grandchildren won't change and both still want to spend time with me. Of course this means lots of sports. Gianni is still really into softball. Will is a fantastic basketball player and he is considering playing baseball again this year. Okay so you know where I will be spending my time come March. Love it!!!!
When I started this blog I thought that I wanted to delve into Mixed Media but not so much now. I am returning to my love of quilting. After today future blogs will be how I am progressing into getting back to what makes me feel good QUILTING.

These two (cousins) are what make life worthwhile.
 Next blog will have some quilts I have been working on and no grand kid pictures.
One funny thing about this picture is it was taken here in Arkansas in November. Notice the short sleeves. One day it is so cold, the next day hot. We are looking forward to storms tonight and temps in the high 70's - in January.