Wednesday, April 3, 2013

QA or Let's Find a Reason to Get Together

The first Monday of every month some
of our members meet at the Benton library.  We call this group Quilters Annonymous.  No it is not
a 12 step program to give up quilting.  It is another excuse to get together.  Do we need an excuse?
Above is Gwen, Jill and Pat working on the pincushions below.  Well actually Jill was just watching.  Gwen taught these at one of our guild's Saturday Workshops.

 Below is Cheri showing her finished teacup pincushion.  They are awesomely cute and Gwen says easy to make.
At our QA it gives us an opportunity to also bring our quilt problems and hopefully someone there can give us answers and/or opinions. 
It is a fun time for all.

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