Friday, January 30, 2009

Eye Update

My doctor says my retina is coming along as it should. I only have to stay upright with my head bent for 50% of the time and can sleep "laying up" propped on pillows. That is a blessing. However there was another tear on my eye that had to be repaired with a lazer. Now picture your eye as a pincushion and you will get the effect of that procedure. Sorry TMI!!! Anyway he has also discovered a problem with my other eye that will be addressed when we get the left one repaired. I can read some and may try to journal next week and play with BIG stuff. I go by and look at my beads, but right now they are kind of a little colored blob. Next Thursday I hope to go to a new little ART group that some of my friends have started. Last month if you remember we did painting, well this month we are going to do a journal page - I can paste, glue and sew big so it will be a wonderful break from the house. My friend Kelley is going to drive us to Pat's house.
This is my slow down period and the weather has been stay at home weather anyway. Of course I would like to be doing stuff, but one step at a time and patience!!! Thank all of you who have given me encouragement.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Forced Time Out

Just a note to let my readers know that I am temporarily not blogging. Friday I had emergency retinal detachment surgery and hopefully am on the road to recovery. It sure does take the fun out of having fun, but God is in control and I know that I am in his care. Hope to be back soon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Day Out to Play-January 20, 2009

Tuesday I had to go to the heart doctor for my 3 month visit. It was a pleasant day and a very reflective day. While waiting for my appt. the TV in the waiting room was on showing the events of this historic day. A new day for America. In my mind today we were not races of people, but a united people with a glimmer of hope for the future. Now I am not political, but as Americans I believe that God does instruct us to pray for our leaders and I urge prayers for President Obama.
After a pleasant lunch with my daughter Tonya I went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels to add to my ever growing art supplies - ones I hope to use.
Then I headed to a local flea market to see what I could find. Above you will see (well sort of see) a pattern from 1970. I love it - the guy on the bottom with the moustache is awesome. There was a booth with buttons above and below, plus some others. I found some paper doilies (sad to say no plastic ones) and a postcard of the Statue of Liberty, which I used in a collage today.

These 2 old books will also be used in a collage. Gregg Shorthand, do you remember that? This one was printed the last time in 1916 and the dictionary is from1945 - we didn't have as many words then.

This lace is wonderful and skinny. Hearts are something that I love and this one is a collage heart pin that may show up in the future for an "H" collage book I want to make. See I do have plans - execution may be my downfall, but I am learning.

These are glass buttons with metal. The buttons came in lots and may be shared with a button group I belong too since there are so many of each. A few that were metal bears and western objects were so little they did not photograph well.
I love going to the flea markets and adding to my stash. It is one of the times I do have fun.

December Bead Project

Well December bead project is finally finished in January. The holidays and my schedule make it hard to do this every month, but I am determined to keep going. To know that others are also struggling can help - so you out there that are stuggling - keep on going. This is for each one of us and everytime I finish one it is a true joy. My grandbabies both want them, but I have told them not until all 12 are finished, then we will talk. One note I have done my beaded border on all 4 sides now, but did not take another picture.

I picked the seahorse because in December, 2007 I saw my very first one in an aquarium and was fascinated. They have a relative called a Sea Dragon that is more awesome than this and you should look it up on the internet if you have not seen one.

The next one I am doing is going to be either November or Januray. I will decide when I am finished with that one, because I took a picture the other day I may want to do for January. Decisions, decisions. It is so much fun to take a photo and see beadwork in the details.

Friday, January 9, 2009

ART DAY - Fun with Friends

This picture is a group of my friends who decided under the leadership of Pat ( to start getting together the first Thursday of the month and learn something new, spend fun time together and see more of each other.

This is the results of the first First Thursday Art Day (held on the 2nd Thursday because the 1st Thursday was New Years Day). We decided to do abstract type art and were invited to Pat's daughter's house ( who has become a wonderful artist and is selling her work in her etsy shop and other venues. Her sense of color is awesome.

This is a picture of Pat our fearless leader. She inspires us all. She cheated - she didn't really do abstract, hers looks more like embroidery with paint. I hope she shows her piece on her blog.

This is all of us holding up our work and smiling for the camera. A fun day was had by all.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Cold Icy Day with Grandson

I wanted to get my project for December BJP08 done by now, but as you can see it is still unfinished. One thing I have learned is that 5 inches square is over ambitious, but I am committed to that size so you just keep on beading. I do love to see the colors as they unfold and the more I bead the more I want to bead.
This is what is looks like out my backdoor this afternoon. It rained all day, but because the ground was warm from 70 degrees on Saturday and the temp never got above 33 today the rain froze in the air on the trees and shrubbery. It is pretty, but it was wonderful day for staying inside.

  1. Now this piece of art work is not mine. It is my grandson's art project we did together today between games of Wii Mini Golf and on the computer. Will loves painting. For Christmas I gave him and his cousin Gianni art easels and they have really enjoyed using them. They each got a bag of every kind of art suppies I could find. Earlier in the year Sam's had a book on Kids Arts and Craft ideas and I purchased 2 copies. One for Will's Mommy and one for me. Will found his favorite page today - painting with Hot Wheels. We each got our own cars and paper - we shared paint. One note: if you try this be sure and don't get one of those cars that if you roll it backwards,when you pick it up the wheels spin forward. The paint will spray and fly. Just thought Iwould clue you in on that secret.

It was a fun day and again it was one of those memories we want to make with our grandkids. Ya'll have fun now.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

Just wanted to post a short note to tell everyone Happy New Year. I am really looking forward to 2009 and getting my creative juices going. Yesterday (after keeping my sweet granddaughter for a week) I decided it was time for a ME day. There was only one estate sale and I hit it. Went to Michaels and shopped and treated myself to Olive Garden. Then went to 2 antique malls. Later when I have time I will post my treasures- some great mixed media items.
Today all day I have worked on my December beading project. It is getting there and I have my idea for the one going back to November. Plan on working hard to catch up. Tomorrow grandson is coming over and will be here until late Monday so there won't be much time for me again, but that is okay. This is memory time for those grandbabies.
Happy New Year again to all.