Monday, January 5, 2009

A Cold Icy Day with Grandson

I wanted to get my project for December BJP08 done by now, but as you can see it is still unfinished. One thing I have learned is that 5 inches square is over ambitious, but I am committed to that size so you just keep on beading. I do love to see the colors as they unfold and the more I bead the more I want to bead.
This is what is looks like out my backdoor this afternoon. It rained all day, but because the ground was warm from 70 degrees on Saturday and the temp never got above 33 today the rain froze in the air on the trees and shrubbery. It is pretty, but it was wonderful day for staying inside.

  1. Now this piece of art work is not mine. It is my grandson's art project we did together today between games of Wii Mini Golf and on the computer. Will loves painting. For Christmas I gave him and his cousin Gianni art easels and they have really enjoyed using them. They each got a bag of every kind of art suppies I could find. Earlier in the year Sam's had a book on Kids Arts and Craft ideas and I purchased 2 copies. One for Will's Mommy and one for me. Will found his favorite page today - painting with Hot Wheels. We each got our own cars and paper - we shared paint. One note: if you try this be sure and don't get one of those cars that if you roll it backwards,when you pick it up the wheels spin forward. The paint will spray and fly. Just thought Iwould clue you in on that secret.

It was a fun day and again it was one of those memories we want to make with our grandkids. Ya'll have fun now.

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Carol said...

What a wonderful, wonderful post. I love grandmas that have as much fun with their grandchildren as I did. (now that they are 11 and 13 they have become, lovingly, my grandbrats).

My page is 4 x 4. I started by not filling the entire page, but that is becoming easier now. Like the start of your December. Interesting subject.