Friday, January 30, 2009

Eye Update

My doctor says my retina is coming along as it should. I only have to stay upright with my head bent for 50% of the time and can sleep "laying up" propped on pillows. That is a blessing. However there was another tear on my eye that had to be repaired with a lazer. Now picture your eye as a pincushion and you will get the effect of that procedure. Sorry TMI!!! Anyway he has also discovered a problem with my other eye that will be addressed when we get the left one repaired. I can read some and may try to journal next week and play with BIG stuff. I go by and look at my beads, but right now they are kind of a little colored blob. Next Thursday I hope to go to a new little ART group that some of my friends have started. Last month if you remember we did painting, well this month we are going to do a journal page - I can paste, glue and sew big so it will be a wonderful break from the house. My friend Kelley is going to drive us to Pat's house.
This is my slow down period and the weather has been stay at home weather anyway. Of course I would like to be doing stuff, but one step at a time and patience!!! Thank all of you who have given me encouragement.


Robin said...

Dear Brenda ~ I can not imagine how frustrating and frightening it would be to have such traumatic vision issues. We beaders depend on our dexterity and our vision more than we realize until we have a problem with either/both. What I know for certain is that your creativity and artistry are still 100% intact. You have only to discover a side pathway for a while.

You might consider that beads can be very large and have very large holes and that the BJP only requires that you use "some" beads. I think two or three beads would qualify as "some"... Maybe you could continue with your BJP, but change the style & materials to whatever works for you right now...

I'm sending thoughts of a complete recovery into the universe. Please keep in blog touch with us!

Robin A.

freebird said...

This sounds so different than what I had 30+ years ago. I had suddenly lost 90 degrees of the vision in my left (good) eye. After laser surgery I could see again but it's like slicing a sheet of paper into 5 strips and putting them back a little bit off. At least I can see. The darkess was terrible. I am sooooo hoping it all comes back together for you. Are you really nearsighted? The doctors told me that makes it much easier to get the retinal tears (I am super nearsighted). Well, I'll be praying for you that's for sure.