Friday, January 9, 2009

ART DAY - Fun with Friends

This picture is a group of my friends who decided under the leadership of Pat ( to start getting together the first Thursday of the month and learn something new, spend fun time together and see more of each other.

This is the results of the first First Thursday Art Day (held on the 2nd Thursday because the 1st Thursday was New Years Day). We decided to do abstract type art and were invited to Pat's daughter's house ( who has become a wonderful artist and is selling her work in her etsy shop and other venues. Her sense of color is awesome.

This is a picture of Pat our fearless leader. She inspires us all. She cheated - she didn't really do abstract, hers looks more like embroidery with paint. I hope she shows her piece on her blog.

This is all of us holding up our work and smiling for the camera. A fun day was had by all.


Carol said...

What a nice post and what a wonderful idea for spending a day of fellowship. You are lucky to have friends to come together with, that have the same desire for trying new things. Congratulations to you all!

kellyvanhook said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments! I really enjoyed myself with you all...can't wait to get together next month and make a journal page!!!

Pat said...

Brenda, Now, I really didn't just seems no matter what I do....whatever I'm working on turns out to look like everything else I've worked on...weird! It was a fun day because it's a FUN group! Pat