Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow, Ice and Quilting

This is my igloo car after the southern ice storm because ice and sleet was all that dropped. here.
My front door was so iced over I could barely see out and it wouldn't open all the way. So what do you do when the weather won't allow you to go out?

Well I decided it was time to visit my sewing room and work on some blocks for projects I have started this year. This is my 6" block for a Mystery Quilt that the Saline County Guild is doing this year.

Then I had to do a 12" block for the same Mystery challenge because this quilt is not a mystery to me since I am one that is working on the project with my friend Fay Poe.
The block below is a finished block for a $5.00 quilt that is going on at Pinwheel fabrics (our local quilt shop). If we finish each month's block on time and take it on the due date and time to the shop we get the next block, pattern and fabric at no charge. Of course the fact that when I turned this block in I spent $80. in the shop doesn't count. The pieces are cut and ready to sew together for the next block and I will show it later.

It has been a very enjoyable snow day. I had a lot of fun playing in my sewing room today.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Okay

A few people have emailed me that they were wondering if I am okay since, as you can see it has been last October since I have posted. I am not sure what has happened except time and things keep getting in the way. There are no new pictures to share, no projects to record, although I am doing some quilting.
Most of us in Arkansas are in the throes of an ice/snow storm and if we are smart we stay in the house and build a fire. That was what I did today. Sadly my tummy decided to act up today and so I didn't feel like working on anything. I slept most of the day, read and watched "If Walls Could Talk" and my taped cooking shows. Maybe tomorrow I will wander back to my sewing/craft room and work on a couple of project blocks I want to keep up with. Take a few pictures and share them.