Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Day Out to Play-January 20, 2009

Tuesday I had to go to the heart doctor for my 3 month visit. It was a pleasant day and a very reflective day. While waiting for my appt. the TV in the waiting room was on showing the events of this historic day. A new day for America. In my mind today we were not races of people, but a united people with a glimmer of hope for the future. Now I am not political, but as Americans I believe that God does instruct us to pray for our leaders and I urge prayers for President Obama.
After a pleasant lunch with my daughter Tonya I went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels to add to my ever growing art supplies - ones I hope to use.
Then I headed to a local flea market to see what I could find. Above you will see (well sort of see) a pattern from 1970. I love it - the guy on the bottom with the moustache is awesome. There was a booth with buttons above and below, plus some others. I found some paper doilies (sad to say no plastic ones) and a postcard of the Statue of Liberty, which I used in a collage today.

These 2 old books will also be used in a collage. Gregg Shorthand, do you remember that? This one was printed the last time in 1916 and the dictionary is from1945 - we didn't have as many words then.

This lace is wonderful and skinny. Hearts are something that I love and this one is a collage heart pin that may show up in the future for an "H" collage book I want to make. See I do have plans - execution may be my downfall, but I am learning.

These are glass buttons with metal. The buttons came in lots and may be shared with a button group I belong too since there are so many of each. A few that were metal bears and western objects were so little they did not photograph well.
I love going to the flea markets and adding to my stash. It is one of the times I do have fun.


Carol said...

O Boy, what a great way to spend the day (after the Dr. of course). I love to root around at the flea market. Actually I could take most of my house and OPEN a flea market. Our motto is that it will be worth something when we are gone LOL. Please post the collage when you are finished!

Robin said...

VERY nice haul, Brenda!!! I especially like the buttons and, yes, the mustache man is pure 70's, isn't he?!

I too was in a hospital watching TV in the waiting room on inauguration day... check my blog. I trust your appointment went well?

Earlier today, Pat left a comment on my blog that you have since had emergency surgery for a detached retina. OMG. I'm so sorry... and hope the surgery is successful. I didn't know much about that condition, so Googled it. Pretty serious and frightning thing to happen. Let us know how you're doing when you can.

Heaps of love, Robin

Sharon said...

Great finds for your stash. I relate to the stops a HL and Michales. Can't go to the big city without those two stops. Must save money with my coupons. Of course.