Monday, March 23, 2009

AWOL Update - Monday

This weekend I went outside of Little Rock, AR to a retreat for members of Arkansas Quilt Guild. It was held at this beautiful location at a place called Ferndale.
The first picture is a building called Cabe Hall, which is where Iwill be next week for a 4day retreat with the Saline County Guild "Quiltmania" retreat. That will be a story for another day.

This picture is looking from the meeting building over the little lake there, looking at the hill behind. Next week I want to take these pictures again to see how much has brightened in a few days.

This retreat is actually a 4-H retreat, designed for kids and adults to come for a weekend, a week, or a few days of learning, friendship and having fun (which you know that is the key word to my life). These statues of children represent the 4-H motto of "Head, Heart, Hands and Health. This is the newest education wing added to the original building. On the other side of the main building is the rooms for participants to stay in - usually 3 to a room. All of our meals are provided. I love the idea of 4 days without cooking or wondering what to eat. It gives you more time to get involved in your projects.

This is just a full view of the meeting room wing.
Today I wanted you to see the setting we were in for the weekend. Next I will give you some inside views of the women and Jim who were on this retreat. Needless to say there was little sleep, LOTS of laughter and some beautiful work done. Later.


Pat said...

Brenda, Seeing these pictures makes me want to turn around and go right back down there!! My, that was fun. So enjoyed having you for a table mate too. Learning and lots of can't beat it. Just regret I couldn't get you to stay up all night with me!!! (Ha!) Loveya, pat

Anne said...


Thanks so much for dropping me a line. I so enjoy the Saline County Quilt Guild's shows held at our local library. Seems that I know most of the quilters. Joanne Thompson is a dear friend, who is a member. Joanne has encouraged me to join the Saline County Guild for years.

Anyway, my quilting skills have remained at the beginner level for so long! I contemplate quilting more than I practice it. Lately, I've been sewing garments and purses.

Anyway, thanks again for the invitation. If I am able, I will stop by the Quiltmania event to visit.

Anne Carpenter