Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some Quiltmania Pictures

Last week I had the pleasure of going again to Saline County Guild's Quiltmania. Our guild has been doing this retreat for several years.
Above, seated is one of the teachers, Royce Stoker who was teaching Seminole Patchwork, which she is well known for. The next day Pat Wade did a class in Paper Piecing, which I will show later. That was the class I chose to take and so enjoyed getting perfect little pieces.

These two ladies have been in our guild for many years and have helped me on several occassions. Bobbie is in the plaid shirt and Billie is in the denim. It just dawned on me they both have boy sounding names. I talked Bobbie into taking the paper piecing class with me on Tuesday.

Everyone has their own table to put their sewing machines and cutting mats,etc on. You can see they cluster, there were several of these clusters around the room. You get there early and you get to set up a clusteror joine one. We all do a lot of roaming around visiting and oohing and awing at each others work. My next post will be of some of the work that was done there, but I wanted to show Cabe Hall where we are so blessed to be able to meet.

This is my friend Kelley busily working on her binding for some crazy quilt placemats she made earlier. She came out just to spend the day, which was an option if you didn't want to stay there all four days. Ferndale where it is held is a lovely drive of about 15 miles from Little Rock. It is so enjoyable to have someone cook for you for 4 days where you can concentrate on friends, quilting, and most of all having fun.


Carol said...

Good for you. It looks like you had a very relaxing time and enjoyed visiting with all your friends with the same focus that you have. What an inspiring way to spend those 4 days, and you didn't have to cook! Heaven.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Wasn't it just the most fun? I love Quiltmania and I always hate it when I have to miss. I took my rose quilt to the machine quilter's on Saturday and can't wait to get it back. :) blessings, marlene

Pat said...

Brenda, I KNOW y'all had lots of fun....and I see some faces here I cool to see them...and nice of you to post about the event. We love our retreats here, don't we?? Pat