Friday, August 13, 2010

A Day With The Grandkids

Yesterday was a pre-back-to-school day for me and the grandkids, Gianni and Will. We went to Chuck E Cheese!!!! Okay school starts in Arkansas in the hot August day of the 19th. This was a place to play in the cool. I grabbed a table next to the games, sat down with my magazine and let them go. My job was to watch the front door and exits and keep up with the tickets from each child. They had a fun day and I had a relaxing, though noisy time reading. A good day all around. Next week school starts and maybe I can start having fun with adults or kids my own age???



cherish the grands! Mine are grown, sniff and don't see grandma much!

Carol said...

Hi Brenda
Our school starts next Wednesday. I kind of like them being home all day. My dogs sure like the company.

Taxi anyone?
call 1 800 grandma