Monday, September 22, 2008

More Beading Comments - Part 2

This is part of my work in progress. The main clouds are done in the crystal beads, accenting clouds will be done in a flat ivory. The towers are done in irridescent multi-colored beads to give them main stage in the story. I outlined in black between the buildings and the water. The piece was not working out to be a size I want to work with the rest of the year. At this point it was 4 x 5 inches when trimmed. I have thought all along that I wanted a 5 inch square piece to work on. It seems like a good size. The bottom water is beaded - not in the picture - but still quite a bit to go.

Since October is looming over the horizon, that means October and Halloween. There are only 2 grandchildren in my life. Every year since Gianni (she is now 7) and Will (he is 4) have been born I have made their Halloween costumes - except last year when I was having additional problems with my health. Gianni has been various things from a fairy to a witch. When Will - her cousin - was born I had 2 to do.
The first year Will was here Gianni was a witch and he was a scarecrow. Next year they were Raggedy Ann and Andy. This year Gianni will be a red devil and Will will be a pirate. October is also the International Quilt Show in Houston and for the first time in 4 years I am going again. My October project will be 5 x 5, but may not be totally beaded - maybe accents for that one, but who knows. On to September finishing.


freebird said...

Your page is coming along fine. Some people do a lot of beading and some do only a little. Some do a lot on one page and a little on another. It's great when there are so few rules. We actually get to do what we want to which is what journaling is, right?

My daughter has been making her kid's costumes for years now. A few have been bought for the older kids the last couple of years. She is keeping all of them so her grandkids, someday, can play dress up in them.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm jealous you're going to Houston Brenda. But I've vowed not to go back for 5 years (or until I get all these kits made, whichever comes first!) blessings, marlene