Monday, March 22, 2010

The Rest of the Challenge

Okay this is the rest of the challenge pieces that were done by the friends in our quilt group. There have been request to see what others have done. Of course I posted mine first. Sometimes you just have to "blow your own horn", especially if you really enjoyed what you were doing and like the results.

The first one at the top is Kelley modeling the apron that Pat ( ) did. Now Pat was really working out of her comfort zone because Kelley gave her black and white fabrics in her bag. If you go to Pat's website you can see how her colors differ, if you don't already know.
The second is a wonderful needle case that Sherry did out of some bright fabrics I gave her. She said I didn't give her enough to work with, but what she made is perfect as far as I am concerned. Sherry's is our crazy quilt maker so you know that these bright colors weren't necessarily her palette either.
The last one on the top row is a dressed doll that Jim made for Pat and as usual was done so excellently and creatively. He has more doll heads that he wants to dress. Now Jim can work with anything that you throw at him.
The Daffodil Pillow was done by our artist Bibi for Jim. She paints and that is definitely her strong point. Her dolls are so creative and she loves to experiment. Bibi made a box also out of fabric, but I did not get a picture.

This bottom one is what Kelley made for Sherry. Kelley's favorite pattern ever since she took a class from Alex Anderson is this little postage stamp and so the fabrics that Sherry packed in her sack were perfect to make this little wall hanging.
We all had so much fun with this challenge that we are planning on doing another one soon.
Thanks for looking and have fun!


Carol said...

Its one thing to have a challenge that every one has to make the same thing...say a quilt block. But this is soo coool. The fact that everyone could make something to their own inspiration makes it really special. So much diversity. How fun.
Thanks for showing us what your group make.
xx, Carol

Mary said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi!
Hi! :)
Hope all is well!!

tell everyone lovely work!

Blessings and hugs!