Friday, February 5, 2010

Think Red Today

There is a lot of talk about "red" today. It is Heart Day and the heart is something that is on my mind a lot - if I let it. You know you read all the articles about how to prevent heart disease, but they need to write more on what to do once you have it - not that I would probably follow them that much anyway. Apparently I ignored the ones before, although mine is probably a hereditary condition with unknown factors.

May I just say again how blessed I am each day that God gives me to spend with family, friends and even acquaintances. It seems that I still have purpose in life or God would not allow me to still be here.

So today, have some fun, think RED and remember me and all of those who are stuggling with heart diseases.

May all of you have a blessed day.

1 comment:

Carol said...

Hi Brenda
You certainly do still have a purpose. And each one of us that knows you, knows what you mean to us individually. My first thought about this comment though, was for your grandchildren (sorry, I don't remember if you have more than one) to know you and benefit from the time they spend with you. We all have so many purposes.

I didn't wear red today, but I do have on Hot Pink!!