Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How You Change!

I began this blog at age 60, almost 3 years ago. Well I am  not 60 anymore (which is a good thing) and what my goals were then are not what they are now.
Of course spending time with my grandchildren won't change and both still want to spend time with me. Of course this means lots of sports. Gianni is still really into softball. Will is a fantastic basketball player and he is considering playing baseball again this year. Okay so you know where I will be spending my time come March. Love it!!!!
When I started this blog I thought that I wanted to delve into Mixed Media but not so much now. I am returning to my love of quilting. After today future blogs will be how I am progressing into getting back to what makes me feel good QUILTING.

These two (cousins) are what make life worthwhile.
 Next blog will have some quilts I have been working on and no grand kid pictures.
One funny thing about this picture is it was taken here in Arkansas in November. Notice the short sleeves. One day it is so cold, the next day hot. We are looking forward to storms tonight and temps in the high 70's - in January.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yep, when I started blogging I was mostly beading. I am and will ALWAYS be a bird lover. That will never ever change. But handwork changes with my mood. Crochet is a standby. I am reacquainting myself with embroidery, but sewing is my first love always.

I'm going to love to see what you have quilted? Do you sew traditional quilts or contemporary?

Hope you will post more...I have waited..~lol~