Monday, August 11, 2008

Having Fun with Grandchildren

This is for all of the grandmothers out there. An idea to share your art with your grandchildren. I needed a picture(s) for my foyer. My DIL Megan suggested that Gianni and Will paint something for me. What a great idea!!!! Now let me explain (and so you can know me better). We only have 2 grandchildren and according to my husband Bill - that is all we can afford!!! You know the grandparents job is to spoil the grandchildren and personally I take my job seriously! Anyway Gianni is 6 (almost 7) and will is 4 1/2. They are cousins but if you see them together they look like brother and sister.

Being the control nut that I am - the pictures had to be coordinated. I have their individual art hung in the foyer, but this was for a special time. I got 2 inexpensive blank canvas, chose a color to paint the canvas - my color was cocoa brown. Over came the kids. Megan and I put painters tape on the canvas, gathered the colors I wanted, squeezed them out on paper plates, handed out brushes for them to chose from and let them go. This is the results and I am really proud of having a "work of art" from my grandkids.

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Pat said...

Brenda, I know those two kids had fun and will always remember this experience. I'll be looking forward to see these pieces when I enter your house in September......way to go Gianni and Will!!!Pat