Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Treasures That Find You

I have already told ya'll that Friday was a good day and that my friend Kathy and I found lots of good treasures. The 3 items in this picture were found at a place called SAVERS. It is like a Goodwill, but they price their items a little higher. The 3 items in the picture above are a little tin with flowers, a little purple pig and an orphan quilt that was on a miniature stand.
The tin I thought would be cute to put sewing items in and use the embossed lid as a texture for doing a paint rubbing later. The little pig has already found a home with a friend at church. She loves 2 things besides God and her family - pigs and purple. You just don't see both real often in the same pig. It called to me from the shelf when I walked by - I swear I heard it say "Take me to Lisa - Lisa is looking for me". How can you deny a purple fancy pig.

Now the little miniature quilt was the prize of the day. Made in love for someone named Sue in 1996 for her birthday by Terry. The tiny pieced triangles in the miniature flying geese pattern are done so well, they all have their pointed little heads. It is hand quilted. Now I have a friend Kelley who loves making these little miniatures and if she ever made me one I would treasure it forever. But this one from an unknown person has a good home now and will be displayed with care.

You know treasures are everywhere and when you go with you friends to look, the treasures will find you.

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Pat said...

Brenda, LOVE the tiny quilt...you did good! Sometimes we need to go to Savers together.....see you soon, friend. pat