Sunday, August 31, 2008

Traveling from Mississippi

My friend Pat says I should post pictures, but I don't have any for today's post. Friday I went to Columbus, Mississippi because my husband's sister had surgery. She was able to go home on Saturday and is doing well.
Today I came home. It reminded me so much of 3 years ago when my husband and I were coming home from Gloria's house (my SIL). Cars flying by us - most with Louisianna tags. Those were the few people who were fleeing Katrina. Today was the same way. People with what belongings they could gather, going to where they did not know, and not knowing when they could go back home. My prayers are with these families this weekend - waiting for Gustav to do what Gustav will do. As I drove along alone I saw RV parks filled with campers trying to get in. Motel parking lots were filled with cars, with still more going into them. People in the small towns in the area were putting up signs and directions for shelters.
When I checked out of my motel in Columbus this morning the phone was constantly ringing. The poor young lady at the desk couldn't check out those who were leaving for having to answer the phone and say "I am so sorry, we are booked solid for 3 days. We don't have any rooms." I ask her if they had a recording for her to use. She told me that Best Western firmly believes in customer service and that they only want a person to answer their phones. What a wonderful concept. She also said that they do not believe in No Vacancy signs, so she would have to turn people away all day. Bad though it was for her she said she always tried to remember - especially the people who would get angry with her - that in their cars were their families and their few belongings. So she tried to be as nice as possible - no matter what. What a wonderful person she is. May God bless her.
Not meaning to get "heavy" with my blog, but sometimes you just have to remember that it isn't always about "fun".

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Pat said...

Amen, Sister!!!! Loveya, Pat