Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quilt Classes Can Be Fun!!

Yesterday I took a wonderful quilt class from Tom Russell. Above is the quilt that Tom made and that the class was all about. Tom taught us how to relax and string piece on freezer paper. The picture is of me holding up 2 of my blocks - I actually got 9 - 6 1/2 inch blocks done by lunch time using this method.
This is a picture of the flowers he also taught us to make from fabric we made by just sewing pieces of fabric together. Around the perimeter of the big circle we stitched jumbo rick rack to really make our flowers pop. My colors are from feedsack reprints because I wanted a really scrappy look. Others did some beautiful purples, greens, oranges, browns - there is no limit to what you can do by using this string piece method.
If you take even your smallest scraps of fabric and sew them together you can make wonderful pieces of fabric to cut other things out of the results. No waste - in the style of the Amish who use even the smallest pieces.
Tom is a good friend and is a wonderful and fun teacher. There were 18 to take the class and everyone went home satisfied and wanting to do more.
I have challenged myself to have fun and learn. So far the classes I have taken have not disappointed me in any way and have made me want to continue to do more and to keep up the quilting and mixed media.


Carol said...

What fun for you. And that technique looks great. Lucky You!

Sabine said...

Your blog is really fun. I enjoyed reading it, although I should have been doing something else, like vacuum cleaning etc. But there would not have been so much fun in that ...

Today seems to be my day for increasing my vocabulary: I learned "rick rack" from your quilt post, really a funny word. I will teach you the German word in return: Zackenlitze - not funny, very matter-of-fact.

Best regards,