Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time with Grandson

This little fellow is my grandson Will. You know I told you I only have 2 grandchildren. Will and I are pretty tight and I count myself as one of his #1 people in his life. One of his favorite things is just coming over to Mawmaw's house and playing all day. Sleepovers are a good thing too.
This picture was taken at our favorite (well his favorite) place to eat - McDonalds!!!! We went yesterday after I helped out at MOPS at church. No I didn't go to church and help mop. MOPS is an organization to help out mothers of preschoolers. The mothers can drop their little ones off with a group of caregivers for 2 hours. They eat, talk, have a speaker on an important topic to them and a devotional. The important thing is they can relax for 2 hours and not worry about children.
Back to Will - we go to McDonalds because one of the few things he will eat is fries and chicken nuggets. Second he can play and run around inside and his Mom and I can talk and continue to get to know each other better. Megan is my daughter-in-law and we get along really well. We both love my son and my grandson and each other. It works out really well.
Yesterday I played my first game of air hockey - I got thoroughly trounced at 10 to 3. The reflexes may want to have fun, but the reality is they are really slow. Of course Will would not had as much fun if I had beaten him, so it works out well.
Any day spent with Will or Gianni is a good day. Yesterday was one of those days.
Remember - have fun!!!!


Carol said...

Another happy Grandmother. Its the best isn't it? I was so close with my oldest grandson as he grew up. He lived with us this past 5-6 years and recently moved to his mom's. We miss him, but my best memories were when he was 3-6. He did crafts with me, baked and cooked together, and played his games too. It goes so fast.

Tracey N. said...

I am still in the beginning stages of knowing what being a Grandma is all about and I have to say it is wonderful! Kileigh is only 9 months old, but just seeing her eyes light up when she sees me is so precious! I cherish my time with her. I cant wait to be able to actually do things with her when shes older, but the cuddly baby times are wonderful too. I am glad you get to spend some quality time with your grandson. They grow up so fast!