Thursday, May 28, 2009


No pictures, my computer that had all my pictures downloaded crashed on Monday. It crashed so hard the Geek Squad cannot revive it. Hopefully they have been able to get my hard drive information and pictures onto a "whatever" to put into the new computer my husband had to order for me.
Anyway, today is birthday number 59. Now most women wouldn't be blaring their age across the internet, however girls, I am just so blessed to be here.
Last night I spent the night at my daughter's house so I could take Gianni to school. The first sleepy face I saw was my daughters, followed by Gianni's and then her Dad before he left for work. Before coming home I stopped at Cracker Barrel and treated myself to French Toast, while answering phone calls filled with HB greetings.I picked up my grandson Will and he came over to play for a couple of hours. Then my friend Kelley and I went and had a very nice lunch in downtown Little Rock, followed by a little shopping at Hobby Lobby and Joann's.
Tonight both grandchildren have ballgames and we are going to make parts of both of them. That is a birthday in the life of me!!!!


Carol said...

Well, you did more celebrating than I usually do. But that's OK. I know you had a great day because you were with the kids.

I put all my pics on Photobucket so I can get them from any computer. I am still trying to get them organized in albums there.

Happy Birthday!!

fiberdoodles said...

Happy Birthday Brenda! I hope you enjoyed your day!!

Take care,