Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a Note

Still no pictures because my new computer just arrived, but I am not quite up and running yet, as we have spent another weekend in the bleachers watching granddaughter play 12 games of softball. They placed 2nd in the District in "C' class, so in 2 weeks it is off to state tournament. Gianni is staying with me to rest up for a few days, but her Daddy came and got her early.
Yesterday I did get to spend some time with friends Pat (www.birdnestontheground.blogspot.com/) and Kelley (you have seen pictures of her here on the blog). Pat gave the program at our guild last night (aren't we lucky!!!!). Before the meeting we visited and went to Olive Garden for supper. It was a very pleasant time with friends, something we all need.
I hope to be able to have pictures my next post so stay tuned.
Ya'll have fun now.

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Carol said...

Hey friend. Sounds like you are getting Bleacher Butt. I know that ailment well!! Mine comes in the football season now.

Glad you are enjoying the games. I would envy your time spent with friends in the Guild, but I am not an envious person. I'll be watching for pic.

Have a great day!!