Sunday, June 28, 2009

Does This Need A New Cover?

Last Thursday some of us went antique/flea market shopping in Morrilton, AR. Their downtown has several shops to choose from and we tried to hit several. I think everyone of us came away with some new treasures. I know I did.
This rocker sewing caddy called my name. It was made by a local company in Morrilton, probably not that long ago because the address includes a zip code. When were zip codes required? Anyway, old or not, it has personality.
Now my question - do you think I should change out the seat cushion. It does not seem original and I thought about using wool to make a new cover. Do you think the wool will give it character? Add Image
Thanks for letting me ask for suggestions.


Sharon said...

For me it would depend on if I liked it or not. I'm sure I would put it on my to do list.

Mary said...

Hi, came by way of Sharon's blog. Love the name of your blog. No, it is never to late to have fun and try something new. I began keeping a visual journal and painting only a few years ago myself. It happened when I was 51!!

If you are trying to keep the old look I would probably change it. Wool is good, linen, ticking, or even burlap. But sometimes it is fun to mix it up and do something more funky and out of the box!! :)


brenco1 said...

Mary and Sharon, thank you for you input. Sharon it does bother me and Mary yes, I would like something more orignal looking. I am not real comfortable with funky and that is what it looks like now.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Hi Brenda - I'd change it for sure. I love it and think it would add so much more character if you used wool or linen. blessings, marlene

Pat said...

Brenda....well, just catching up on your blog posts. You are doing well with them...interesting. Now, about the seat on this little it in wool (if you ask me!)...stuff it tightly and it will make a lovely pincushion......ok, you asked! Loveya, pat