Thursday, June 25, 2009

Springfield Trip and Family

I got back last night from a trip with my sister Martha (blue striped blouse) to Springfield, Missouri. Our brother Eddie (white shirt) is Director of Meetings for the American Baptist Assoc. He is a very busy person this week and we were lucky to have been able to even have breakfast with him and his son Neal (blue shirt). Eddie's job is to make sure that all goes smoothly for the approx. 3,000 people who come to the yearly meeting. He does an excellent job because he has had it for many years.
Martha and I did get to go to a local flea market on Tuesday and then on the way to and from Springfield we stopped at every flea market and antique mall that we could. There were some wonderful bargains we found. When I get the energy to unwrap and sort everything I will be posting pictures.
This is the first trip that Martha and I have had alone and we had a wonderful time. We enjoy a lot of the same things and we both love our brother and nephew.
The blue house was seen outside and across the street from our hotel. There is nothing so beautiful to me than an old Victorian house that is renovated and well kept. This one is either apartments or a Bed and Breakfast. The blue looks so cool amongst the surrounding trees and this year we need all the cool thoughts that we can get. The heat and humidity this year is pretty bad and this is only June. I may continue to have fun, but it will be more inside than out.


Carol said...

You are so right about the old Victorians.

Before my best friend left this earth (she was about 25 years older than me) she shared some of her childhood memories with me about life in this area. There are some unbelieveably beautiful Victorians in town in Mishawaka Indiana. My friend lived in Elkhart Indiana, about 20 miles away. We were driving by one of my favorite old houses and she told me the history of the home as she remembered it. It still has the carriage house at the back of the lot. Her memories of the area, and the information that her mother had passed to her were so vivid that I seemed to be back in a time long ago when buggies carried people from place to place. The trip from Elkhart to Mishawaka was 1/2 the day on dirt paths that are roads today.

Thanks for bringing memories of my friend to mind.

Pat said...

Brenda, Always nice to see more of your family. I met Eddie quite a while ago and now I see Martha, your sister. Putting a face with the name will help now. The Victorian house is just gorgeous....I'd love to see in it!! You might be interested to know that I have now bought six more candlesticks! Can you believe it? Will show them to you Thursday..meantime, take care. pat