Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Computer and Memphis

Now that I am back with a new computer and my pictures have been downloaded I thought I would share with you a few of the pictures from a recent day trip that I took with Grand Escape Tours. We went to Memphis. No we didn't go to Graceland, but we hit some other places that surprised me in how interesting they turned out to be.
First we visited St. Jude's Hospital - not the actual hospital, but where Danny and his wife are buried is a building with history of Danny Thomas and how St. Jude's came to be. There are so many success stories there that is so uplifting. I know there are sad stories there too, but their efforts are working miracles in the fight for curing cancer.

After lunch we set off for the Memphis Botanical Gardens. A large complex of various type garden settings. One more beautiful than the other. There is an impressive rose garden with so many types of hyrbrid tea roses, even the Princess Diana Rose. The rose pictured here is not it - I don't know now which rose it was. The heat had reduced some of the beauty of the gardens, but one garden, the Japanese garden was a reflection of beauty. You can see one the elements, the red bridge with the swan floating in a Koi pond.
Now the one place you would think - yuck!, turned out to be the most interesting stop we made. Set on the Mississippi is a converted Civil War Hospital into the National Ornamental Metal museum. The strange bird on the right is an idea of what type of metal is done there. Various metal artist show their work there and there is an apprenticeship program for metal workers and blacksmiths. The gate where you entered was done with a rosette design that various metal artist were ask to design and make a rosette for each space. Of course I had to take pictures, the butterfly was one, a psychiatrist couch, various Texas symbols, a teacup with a hand, just to name a few of the designs.
I know I sound like a tour guide, but this was an interesting trip and I love to share my pictures.
This post could have either been my trip to Memphis or my weekend at the ballpark with Gianni . I promise I will get back to flea markets, art and beading when state tournaments are over, but I am still having fun.

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Carol said...

I love to find an unexpected treasure in a place you would not normally visit. There are a lot of places like that which we never hear about or even know to visit. There are a couple of places like that in the South Bend area.