Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flea Market Shopping Finds

Is this not the cutest little egg cup. I bought 3 of them on a recent trip from Springfield, MO back home to Little Rock. My sister Martha and I went to Springfield to meet our brother Eddie at an ABA meeting he was in charge of. We made the most of our trip and I picked up all the finds you see in this post.
I found 2 bundles of beautiful wool for less than $2.00 each for these rolls. The green swan salts I thought were delightful and they look really nice for sale in my showcase at Blue Suede Shoes.

The teacup has my favorite color flowers on it and it will end up in my china cupboard with my mother's Tea Rose dishes. These delicate tea cups just say elegance and the joy of sharing a cuppa tea with a friend.

These are small handmade doilies that spoke to me. Don't you think they will look pretty as little toppers on those pincushion candlesticks I plan on making.
Anyway I wanted to share my finds with ya'll. My sister and I had a wonderful time on this trip together.


Carol said...

There is hardly anything better than poking around a flea market with someone that enjoys it as much as you do.

My best friend, that has passed, and I used to hop in her car on a Saturday and to spots she knew about and I have never heard of. She knew all the little towns and all the little shops in them.

I miss those Saturdays.

Andrea said...

That is the cutest egg cup!

Pat said...

This is ALL great stuff!!!! You did good! And, yes that IS the cutest egg cup! Delightful goodies! Let's go shopping!!! hugs, pat