Friday, July 31, 2009

Sewing with Gianni

Well it has finally begun. Gianni is now learning to sew at age 7. Wednesday I went and purchased a nice Kenmore for her to learn on and for me to take to workshops. It has needle positions and several decorative stitches. Mostly today we worked on mainly sewing straight. After about 3 hours of learning to thread the machine, fill a bobbin and sew a straight line she picked out some 5" squares from my stash.
Here is what she got done after about 3 hours. The blue one is a flying pig and the other one is a frog. Later we will adding some more squares to make some 9 patches. These 5" squares came from swaps I had done several years ago and they have really come in handy for little ones to play with and pick out colors.

Gianni ask me if I was going to teach Will to quilt? Well that depends on if he wants to and his Daddy thinks it is okay. I really think he should at least learn to thread a needle and sew on a button - necessary skills for any young man. We will look at that road a little later. Right now he is content to come over and just hang out at Mawmaw's, play Wii and PS2 and play with little men and cars. He gets to do that on Monday - we have a play date!.
Gianni and got dressed and went out - we were starving by 12:30 so we went to Red Lobster for lunch. That little girl can eat. She had a salad, the cheese biscuit, popcorn shrimp and fries and Choclate Wave for dessert - glad she has her Daddy's metabolism.
We left and went to an estate sale. She got a dolphin and a turtle to sit on her shelf at home. Then we went to see Jim Gatling's petit point and needlepoint exhibit at the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock. What an awesome exhibit and it is not near all of his actual collection that they are showing. Gianni liked the miniature doll furniture -she thinks it is Barbie furniture?
It was a full day and a lot of fun to share all of these things with Gianni. As my friend Pat says - we are making "memories".


Mary said...

Oh sounds like fun. How great you are teaching her how to sew. I wish now that I had learned how to sew. I did pick up a simple machine about 6 months ago to so some sewing on my journal pages. Think I need a heavier needle - it tends to get stuck. And now, I need to read the directions again to be able to thread the darn thing. lol

So you are a MawMaw?? I am a MiMi!! My one and only grandson is 10mos. He is growing so fast - so very scrumptious!!!!!! I love that you have a play date!!!

Pat said...

Brenda, Gianni looks right at home in front of that sewing machine. Why am I not surprised???
Just like she did at selling at the flea market. What a girl...what memories!!! Y'all have lots of FUN. pat

yarngoddess said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog about the sewing machine I just gave my granddaughter.

After she went home I dug out some leftover already Pink (!) quilt pieces as a next project. Like your charm squares, these will be easy and interesting to her.

What fun to be a grandma!