Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Life in Catch Up Mode

Okay, I don't blog all the time, I do think about it, but my life is in full throttle mode most of the time, especially now with summer and the grandbabies.

Gianni has been here all week, sewing squares together on her new sewing machine. She does an excellent quarter inch and is a whiz at the "frog stitch". Since she is 7 we are not getting too technical, we don't have a lot of time left since school starts Wednesday. She has had a lot of fun making doll size tops and small pillows. Although I am in the sewing room with her, right now I am totally comfortable letting her fly with the sewing machine, although I did let her do quite a lot by herself Thursday while I did other things in the room. She is very careful.

Grandson Will had the swine flu this past week, but he got medicine right away and has not had fever since Wednesday. Thankfully I had not seen him for a week before because they had been on vacation. Nasty stuff and really need to stay away from it if at all possible with my heart problem.

Last night I got to go to see Julie & Julia with my friend Renee. She has 5 grandkids and I have 2 and we are both equally involved with all of them. A night out together to see a show and eat is a privilege and joy. The movie reminded me to blog for me- not for any readers - although the few I have I love to get comments from. But blogging is a way to talk to myself and no one worries!!! The movie is good, but not quite as good as I thought it would be. I would have liked to see more of Meryl Streep - she did an excellent Julia Child.

This week I hope to get more done in my sewing room that will finish a few projects. And I will do that as long as I am having fun!

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Carol said...

Yep, you are right about the blogging thing. I always feel like I should have a pic of a new project, but heck, with all the comings and goings here my projects are few and far between. I am busy and happy so isn't that what life is about. The heck with what other people think about how often I blog.

But lets face it, if we read your blog we are interested in you. You are a cyber friend so post once in a while just to say all is well.

My boys are doing Ju Jitsu and going to the spa to work out. Its given my oldest grandson a new direction and I am so happy about that. He is having a count down until he can get his drivers licence. I am not crazy for him to drive for pleasure, but will be glad when he can drive himself to some of these classes etc.

Nice to hear about you today. I love that you are teaching your granddaughter to sew. She will remember these days always.

XX , Carol