Saturday, August 22, 2009

Exciting and Long Week

What started out as a normal last 2 days before school started ended up being entirely different. Sunday night when Tonya brought Gianni over to spend the night chaos broke out. Gianni slammed her thumb in the car door. The thumb is on the left and that is her toe on the right, Both should have pink polish. Her and I got about 3 hours sleep during the night because she was in such pain. We iced and we had Tylenol, we sat up and propped it, we laid down and propped it, etc. The next day we went to the doc. Thankfully it is not broken, they gave her a metal splint to protect it and all is much better. It still looks awful and she will lose that nail.
Tuesday after a decent nights sleep the cousins wanted to spend the day together at Mawmaw's house. Being the great Mawmaw that I am I agreed. We went to McDonalds and then took our lunch to the park. All is well with these two unless they are doing something competitive. They both want to be ahead and being young have not figured out how to be gracious losers yet. It was a good day, but hallelujah school started here on Wednesay.

Wednesday I rested and rested. Well don't you think I deserved some rest? LOL I did sit and hand quilt the initials on Will's quilt so now I can take it to the machine and quilt the nine patches.
Thursday I worked on my BowTie Quilt and only have one corner left to put on. These are 2 inch squares put together individually (not strip pieced) so it is a little slow. This is such a fun quilt and I love the colors. It has 7" borders.
Friday I had lunch with my friend Kathy. She has been taking care of her husband who had knee surgery and she really needed a small break. We went to work on our booths at Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall.
So you can see it was a busy and hectic week, but on reflection there was fun in there too and I honestly can't say I was ever bored.


Mary said...

Glad to hear you got some rest and hoping her sweet little thumb hurts less and less!!

Carol said...

We just had that thumb thing with Corey (14). Got a pic from him while at work...OMGOSH!! Home I go to take him to Med Point and X-rays. No break, just such impact that it broke the thumb open. He was moving furniture in his room. He has one of those "Bob" guys that you use to hit and kick on when you take Martial Arts.

Well, you are happy to be busy, that's for sure but I am glad you got rest.

Also glad your granddaughter will heal nicely. When that nail comes off, she'll have show and tell!!