Monday, May 11, 2009

Rainy Days and Web Feet

Do you wonder what these pictures have to do with rainy days and web feet?Well it is the one day we have had sunshine and we were blessed for it to be on our monthly Art Day. The 1st Thursday of each month a group of us meet at Pat's studio The Bird Nest ( . This is a picture of The Nest. Now you may think she was doing laundry that day, but that is some of her vintage garments that she has collected over the years for their beauty. She decided to decorate with them that day and they were a pleasure to look at.
We were able to take our lunch and eat outside in the beautiful sunshine. I almost ate a tiny little spider, but was able to swat him away in time. We had a cooling breeze, good food and great conversation. Sorry to say the rain returned before Kelley and I made it back home to Little Rock. It was so wonderful while we had the sunshine.
I called Pat today to see if her feet were beginning to web, since I feel like mine are. The rain is really beginning to be a little depressing and I don't function or feel very artsy when the weather is blah!!! But since I took pictures of our sunshiny day, I think I will enlarge one and remember what the sunshine looks like. I remember that we can appreciate the sunshine more, if we have a "little rain".


Carol said...

Funny how the weather affects people differently. Usually a rainy or gloomy day gets me in the mood to be creative. I think it has to do with some subconscience thought that gloomy days are mine and I don't have to feel guilty stealing the day for my own.

Wow, where did that come from! Its the first time I have thought that.

Pat said...

Brenda, Gosh, your photos of that fun day turned out lots better than mine! You guys are so much fun to have here....I always look forward to your visits....have spent part of today "straightening up" for your visit on "Knot Day." See you soon...but not soon enough! Pat