Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Bead Project - Tease

This is a tease for the project I am working on for December. The beading on the seahorse has been started, but like many others I am wayyyyy behind. Now if you wonder what seahorses have to do with December, again it involves my granddaughter Gianni. In December last year right after Christmas I drove her Mom and her to Dallas after Christmas so her Mom could work on an out of state project for her company. Gianni and I got to do fun stuff while Mom worked. Her and I went to our very first (for both of us) aquarium in Dallas. Seahorses were one of our favorite things.
November is not even an idea so I will have to back up and figure that out later.
Now to share a bumper sticker I saw today:
"Things only get better with age;
I'm approaching magnificent"
Have fun and laugh a lot.

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Pat said...

Brenda, Well, I am even more magnificient than you are!!!! And, I'm still smiling over the "moments" you and Gianni are having. See you tomorrow! pat