Thursday, December 11, 2008

Giveaway and Busy Day

No pictures today - I have been busy working on Christmas gifts for my beading group friends.
They aren't much, but I wanted to make everyone something. My tree is up and partially decorated, but I still have work to do. Got to get out my candy recipes and work on them, but tomorrow I am going to spend the day with a friend. That is part of having fun, spending time with friends and I want to make more time to do just that.
Now to the giveaway.
Go to and see a very neat giveaway. I hope she picks my name.
Before I go I want to tell you about last night. It was my husband's company Christmas party. The owner of his company usually picks a very nice place for us to eat. This year it was a place called The Butcher Shop and Steakhouse. My favorite thing to eat out is Prime Rib. However, since my daughter-in-law is appalled at watching me eat what she considers "raw meat", I have not had one in quite awhile. I respect her wishes (that is why I am a much loved mother-in-law). Well lucky me - it was on the menu - it was as good as I remembered. It was a good night.
Not as much fun as I would like to have, but you can always find fun whereever you are.

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Pat said...

Brenda, Now I'm with your daughter-in-law concerning the Prime Rib, but since I enjoy seeing you have a good time....I'm glad you had it! Do enjoy yourself whenever possible and stay safe. Pat