Monday, December 29, 2008

Friday Playdate Update

Some of you may have read the post a couple of weeks ago when I took a day off and went to visit my friend Pat. Now I don't work, all I normally do is play, babysit some, read and do stuff in my studio, so taking a day off is not quite right.
Pat and I visited for a while then we decided to go out and eat lunch. There is the neatest flea market where Pat lives that has a variety things. I am always jealous of what she finds there to do her work with, so off we went. You know friends should share their sources and their bounty sometimes.

These are the pictures of a few of the wonderful things I found. At the top are 2 beautiful floral handkerchiefs. Hankies take me back to the days of my grandmother and my aunts. They never used "tissue" and a lady always had a hankie with her for any emergency.
Don't you love the second picture of the wonderful leaves and rose? The colors are so vibrant and these are soft. They are definitely going into a future media project or a crazy quilt, which I have been wanting to do again. The other picture is - I think- they used to call them candy dishes, not sure if that is right - you sure weren't generous with you candy if that is what you offered. Anyway, I remember my Mother had one and I loved the little wagaon with the horse pulling the wagon.
This last picture is some cut up hexagon quilt blocks. The dealer either cut up a very bad Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt or she bought it in pieces. Pat got some of these too, so we will probably do something with them in one of our "old fabric" creations. I also got an old Needlework and Crafts book with an article about buttons and trims and there was an old single volume of an encyclopedia from 1937. Pat got a copy of another book in the set. We loved the artwork on the cover. Not sure what to do with it but it begs to be used with its yellowed pages.
Pat and I had an enjoyable day and plan on having many more to come in 2009.
I hope that everyone has a creative and happy New Year too. Just remember to "have fun"


Pat said...

Brenda, YES, we really did have a great day, didn't we? I loved it and plan on doing it again....sharing that kind of experience with a like-minded person is great FUN! No telling what we will do with those quilt pieces, but I bet it will be something neat...just glad there is no deadline! You take care friend, and have a very Happy New Year!!! Loveya, Pat

Carol said...

Brenda, what a great way to spend a day with a friend. I had a friend who has passed that I used to do the very same kind of thing with. We were always off having lunch at an out of the ordinary place, or exploring an antique mart or flea market. I miss that so much. Lucky you.

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a wonderful day Brenda...I love days like that. Making memories! blessings, marlene

Sharon said...

I so enjoyed your post about spending a day with Pat. What fun you must have had. Have to tell you that you gave me a bit of inspiration about the hankies. I have a big collection and they are put away. I suppose some day they will find their way to a thrift store. You know ....when I pass. Well, I have on one of my many back burners an unfinished project that I will bring new life to by following the "sprit cloth" blogs slow cloth quilting method. And I do believe that I will bring out the hankies to incorporate the spirit of my Mom. Most of the hankeis were hers. Thanks for inspiration today.