Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving, Christmas & All That Fun

As you can see my grandchildren get to have a conversation with Santa Claus one on one long before Christmas. Thanksgiving Eve we have a meal here at Mawmaw and Pawpaw's house then on Thanksgiving we go to my brother's house (which happens to be the house I grew up in ) and eat and get together with the other family members as they pass through. This good looking
Santa Claus is my brother-in-law and he does Santa gigs from Thanksgiving until the Christmas Day. My Gianni and Will think it is wonderful that Santa (aka Uncle Donald) is there for them. Gianni wrote a story for her class about having lunch with Santa. She had a picture to prove it.
To my bead project friends - I am working on December - need to go back and figure out a November and bead, bead, bead. This time of year is so busy for all of us. My tree is up, but undecorated. No candy has been made and I have been sick with a bug. Why do we stress ourselves out??????
Well tomorrow is another day and maybe I will get to feeling better and get more done. To be honest - I am not having fun - but my mind is made up - that will change tomorrow. A new day!!
Ya'll have some fun for me and I'll catch up.


Carol said...

I used to wonder why I stressed so much to get everything done I "needed to do" for the holiday. Its the kids. Subconsciencously we want them to have the wonderful Christmas experiences and memories. My grandkids are 11 and 13. Past the Santa stage and I find myself cutting back on holiday preps. Oh, the house is decorated and lights are up outside. But, not making so many cookies and worrying less about presents and more about the spirituality of the season.

Pat said...

Brenda, my goodness...I can't believe how those grandkids have grown!!!!! I haven't seen a photo of Gianni in a while...they are so cute and not babies any longer. Can't wait to see what you do with your beads for Nov/Dec!!! Take care, Pat