Tuesday, January 4, 2011

God is Good

Today God was so good to our family. This darling is my granddaughter Gianni. Her and her Daddy were in a rollover accident this afternoon. They both came out of this accident with very little injury. Gianni got a bump on her head and they may both be sore, but what a miracle that God gave us today.
My choice card today was "Step Back". I am stepping back and thinking how blessed that I am.


Carol said...

OMGosh! I am so glad they are OK. There have been such bad crashes on the news lately.

On a lighter note...my gosh your granddaughter is beautiful. Seems like just yesterday you were posting about a toddler. We've been blog friends for a long while now. I am so glad you are back.

Yes, we are all blessed. Some don't realize it, while others of us remember it everyday.

xx, Carol

Pat said...

Brenda, So glad to hear that my pal, Gianni, is ok...and dad too. She's something else..that girl and I know you are proud of her. Me too. Guess I'm a member of your 'fan club' my friend and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks! take care, pat