Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Effects

This little snowman was the first one that Gianni built the day it snowed. Since that day things have really gotten behind and full of the extras in life that we cannot plan for and know of in advance.
Yesterday I came into my sewing room and pulled all the cards to catch up. What was funny was the one I pulled for yesterday was "Play With Kids". Well that is a no-brainer for me. I had the pleasure of spending the day with my grandson Will. He keeps me busy and on my toes because Mawmaw is his favorite "toy". We play Wii, well he plays I watch. You know those games are just too hard for me to move fast enough. But one thing he loves to do more than anything is ART. Drawing is his favorite. I am trying to get a box of just stuff for us to use to make ART when he is here (or when Gianni is here) so we can play. That is another sorting job for me.
Last night I went to a surprise birthday party for a friend who turns 80 next Friday. She has 7 children and they live in AZ, IND, NJ, FL and AR. All came but one DIL and a few of the grandkids could not make it. One of the DIL's organized the whole event and invited Bobbie's friends. We were the surprise, she knew about the kids. It was so much fun to meet such a neat, caring family and share in the joy of Bobbie turning 80. By the way she looks more like 60 than 80. Her plans for her birthday on Friday is to be at a place in Florida that serves $10 all you can eat lobster on Friday nights. Wish I could be with her. She and I love seafood.
Today I get to work at the antique mall, sorry to say there is no time to shop, but it is fun working there and being around people. Just no time for creativity today. Someone out there be really creative for me. God does want us to use our creativity, he gave it to us.

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Carol said...

O you silly girl!! Posting on your blog is creative!!

$10 AYCU Lobster!?! I'd break their bank, or tank, or whatever eating too much lobster would be.

Fun time with your grandson. Mine drove us to breakfast today. I was in the back seat, because I know how to be quiet, unlike when someone we will not name, sits in the back. (Corey has a Lerner Permit).