Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow and Snow Angels

You know that Arkansas does not usually get such a beautiful snow like we got yesterday. We had to close Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall early and by the time we did the driving conditions were already bad. Luckily my daugther lives in Bryant where it is located and I had packed a bag to stay with her in case of an emergency. This was an emergency. By the time I drove over the overpass and into her neighborhood I was totally washed out. All of the mall employees got home safe, which we can be thankful for that.
Gianni went out to make a snow angel and play. Mama and Daddy joined her. This is Gianni making her snow angel and her and Tonya together.
This morning it looks like we had about 6 inches and she is out to play some more. I believe that the house is the place for me. Old bones you know!!!

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Carol said...

These are great pictures. I remember when we could watch my daughter and then my grandkids play in the snow. Now they go off to the hills to have fun. I have to watch the neighbor kids now!! I hate it that you got snow in the south, but glad they enjoyed the day(s).
xx, Carol